The side hustle.

This is the thing you do to make money that is not your primary source of income. You might need cash fast. Perhaps you want some extra savings for a big purchase.

Whatever your reason, there are side hustles that you can start right now.

Easiest Side Hustles to Start

Keep in mind that any side hustle that’s “easy,” then everybody would be doing it, and you wouldn’t be able to make money.

But, what you will find with the side hustles on this list is that you can begin taking action TODAY.

1. Print On Demand

woman holding a t shirt with design

A print-on-demand shop is a great option as a side hustle.

You do need to have some graphic design talent and a vision. If you have those two things, you can start making money right away.

There are many existing print-on-demand apps like Printful that work in conjunction with Shopify. You supply the designs, and these apps do the printing and the shipping.

You don’t need any in-stock merchandise. You don’t have to worry about expensive packaging fees. All you have to do is earn your commission on each sale. You can get started on this side hustle right now.

Check out this course to learn how to do print on demand.

2. Party Planning

Yes, you can turn your love of planning parties into a side hustle.

There are many busy people out there who don’t have time to plan birthday parties, baby showers, wedding showers, retirement parties, graduation parties, and special holiday gatherings.

Put together a website or just use Facebook to advertise your services.

You can use pictures from previous parties you have thrown, make a price list, and then sit back while customers fight over your time.

You may even start getting corporate clients who will pay big bucks for your party planning expertise.

Go here to learn how to become a party planner.

3. Personal Training

personal trainer working with older gentleman

You won’t start earning money as a personal trainer today, but you can start studying for certification.

Once you’re certified, you can train as many or as few clients as you wish. You can even get a part-time job at a local gym.

Besides earning extra income, you’ll also meet new people, change lives and improve your own health while you work.

The beauty of personal training is you can even turn your side hustle into a full-time career if you wish to do so.

With an average salary of about $25 per hour, being a personal trainer is an excellent choice for anyone who appreciates fitness.

Check out this course to learn how to become a personal trainer.

4. Writing

I am a writer. I write for money, and I write for fun.

I feel very lucky that I have gotten to make a career out of doing what I love most. If you love writing, you can start making money today.

Sign up for a freelance writing service and start writing! The pay will not be great until you can string together a lot of clients, but it’s not bad for a side hustle.

Another option for you is to write for yourself instead of clients. Start a blog and monetize it.

You could also write stories or novels and submit them to literature contests. You will find yourself enriched in many different ways.

Check out this course to learn how to become a freelance writer.

5. Rideshare Driver

person trying to get taxi uber driver

You can sign up to drive for a rideshare service and start making part-time money within a couple of weeks.

It takes 10 days or less for a rideshare service to complete a mandatory background check. After that, you’re ready to begin.

You can expect to make about $19 per hour, so the amount of the weekly check will depend on how many hours you choose to drive.

If you’re really devoted to a rideshare side hustle, sign up for multiple companies. You can join Uber and Lyft, but look at any other available services in your area and consider them as well.

6. Caregiver

If you have a big heart and are good with people and/or animals. Why not put that to use? Offer your services as a babysitter, a senior sitter, or a pet sitter.

Offer your services through social media at a reasonable rate, and you will possibly have interest within the hour.

You can add other services to your list as well. Offer house-sitting, dog walking, or poop scooping to your list. It’s a side hustle that pays well while allowing you to provide a valuable service to people who will truly appreciate you.

Best of all, you’re your own boss. You can decide exactly how many jobs you will take without going through a middleman.

7. Lawncare

person on riding lawn mower

Labor shortages are very real across all industries in this post-Covid world. This is being felt in a big way in the landscaping industry.

Residential areas and businesses that once relied on weekly lawn care are finding themselves with tall grass and frustration.

You can be the solution.

Offer lawn mowing, edging, trimming, and weed eating with just a lawnmower and some basic tools. If you have a true green thumb, you can go the extra mile and offer mulching, planting, and landscape planning.

Though not necessary, it’s a good idea to get certified if you want this work to become anything more than a side hustle down the road.

Depending on what kind of landscaping job you’re doing and your area, it’s probably not a bad idea to consider getting business liability insurance just in case something goes wrong.

8. Yoga

Like being a personal trainer, you won’t start earning money tomorrow if you decide to become a yoga instructor today.

What you can do is start working on Yoga Teacher Training Certification.

It takes a minimum of six months to complete a course like this, but once you’re certified and registered with the Yoga Alliance, you can basically make your own schedule.

I earned my 200-hour yoga certification about a year ago. Within a month, I had enough clients to keep me as busy as I wanted to be. Within two months, I had a job offer from a local gym that needed a yoga instructor.

Check out this course to learn how to start your own Yoga business.

9. Air BNB

rental agreement document

Not everyone is in a situation that allows them to run an Airbnb. But if you happen to have extra space that can be rented out, this could be the ideal side hustle for you.

A clean, safe space is all you need to list your room on Airbnb.

You can list a spare room in your own home, a bedroom in a walk-out basement or a mother-in-law room that’s over your garage.

You can get even more creative if you wish.

Airbnb lists unique rooms that are in converted trolleys, tiny homes, grain silos, and even treehouses. Get to work on planning how you want to present your Airbnb, and you will be a super host in no time.

Check out this course to learn how to run your own Airbnb.

10. Cleaning

If you have an eye for detail and a strong work ethic, cleaning services may be right up your alley. You can choose to clean what you want, how you want.

For instance, car-washing and detailing is highly sought after. If you have a power washer, you can start house and window washing.

You can also offer maid services for busy families who can’t keep up with their chores. These side hustles make decent money for part-time jobs.

As a part-time house cleaner, you could make as much as $500 per week. It requires no special skills or certification but you do need to work hard, be diligent and work well with clients.

Start Your Side Hustle

A side hustle gives you something to do in your spare time that is relaxing, inspiring, or adds much-needed funds to your paycheck.

Which of these side hustles is most interesting to you? Would you rather find a traditional job?

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